Mind Capsule

Fusing intermittent darkish melancholic guitar-dominated rock themes with some of the most intriguing and vibrant melodic meanderings, these guys have managed to come up with something very, very special indeed!"
--Colin Lynch/R Cat Communications

"Imagine Stanley Kubrick equipped with massive musical chops. The tone is dark, the music exploratory, providing a soundscape constantly shifting in tone, very chilly."
--Kevan Breitinger/ 

"Excellent musicianship..... a first rate project!"
--Artist First Network 



"Sometimes the first track tells it all. Sometimes that first 30 seconds sells me, or tells me I’ll never play it again. And sometimes it blows me away. When the self-titled release by NY trio Mind Capsule hit my stereo, it did just that.” 

-- Bruce Rusk/The Daily Vault

“The second album by this instrumental rock power trio...A really good, interesting rock album featuring a great, hard-rocking, very original 10 minute version of the Facelift/Mousetrap/Noisette/Backwards medley that Soft Machine did in 1969, as documented on the BBC 1967-1971 release on Hux” 

-- Wayside Music

“These guys are amazing. They were performing in a radio studio while I was skipping through the radio during a long car drive. I must have heard them jam for close for 30 - 45 minutes I got to appreciate a live and direct experience. It's amazing to see how much talent there is out there !!!”
-CD Baby Reviewer

Strangers Pass

"The trio have developed an impressive sound, which takes the listener to some new and very interesting spaces. There is something intrinsically powerful about a band which is able to drop the ‘fourth’ person and then go on to add some new value to the world of music."
Tim, Indie Bands Blog

"I really liked the way singer Robert Sadowski commanded the track “Take You Down” and “To Be Loved,” but on the ballad, “Move On,” he was simply masterful. This was a pretty strong EP for a bunch of unknowns....Give these guys a listen now at, where you can also find out where they’re playing next!"
Tim Louie, The Aquarian Weekly

"Thanks for sending me your press kit. You guys are too loud for the Lily Pad, sorry. Thanks again, Gill"
— Gill Aharon, Lily Pad

"There's a seriously crusty Grand Funk/Mountain/Blue Cheer vibe on most of the songs, and that's just fine."
Peter Braidis,

"This New Jersey band is rough, raw, and seemingly passionate. Their first track Alone, rips through the speakers like a live recording and Sadowski's vocals growl with truest sincerity. Its nicely accompanied by tasty lead guitar work"
Ross Christopher, Awaken Publications