Robert Sadowski has been composing and producing music over 15 years. His music has been placed in network programming such as MTV, VH1, The History Channel, and The Discovery Channel, A&E, Bravo, and PBS.  His first film score was for the film “El Cazador”, which was screened at the 2010 New York Latino Film Festival.

Rob has an extensive background in electronics and computer science and has hand built many of the processors, compressors, and preamps in his studio, giving his productions a unique and organic sound.

As a performing musician, Rob has played extensively in the NYC area with several well-respected bands. His own projects include Mind Capsule and Strangers Pass.

Rob is currently playing guitar with the NJ power-pop group, Meyerman, and continues to work on his own solo material in addition to his studio production work.

He is also an avid and passionate enthusiast of arcade games and faithfully restores classics like “Donkey Kong” and “Pac Man” and vintage pinball machines.